Omar began singing in Honky Tonks south of Houston TX, when he was 13 years of age. After graduating High School he became a full time singer / musician traveling with bands throughout the Southwestern United States. Probably the most recognized band he played with and helped form, was the Country Group Perfect Stranger.  He has performed in many concerts with Artist such as Johnny Rodriquez, John Anderson, Eddie Raven, T.Graham Brown and Ray Price.

It was also his country music lifestyle that destroyed his home and family. He found himself alone and empty, virtually abandoning a family that needed him, and a heavy drinker running from guilt. In 1990, his wife forgave him of all his wrongs and he returned home. It was through this unimaginable forgiveness, which Omar could not understand, that began his searching for a better way of life. It wasn’t long until that searching lead him to the feet of Jesus.

Realizing that his old ways produced bad results, he submitted his life to Jesus and biblical teaching. Omar had a passion for lost souls and serving God, so he hung up his guitar and focused on outreach for his home church. Living for God over 13 years, Omar’s life was totally different. God blessed him as he dedicated himself to being a better dad and husband. God gave Omar a life filled with joy, peace of mind, stability, which can only be achieved if a person will live their life with God.

Over those 13 years, Omar continued to write songs as a way of expressing the different stages and lessons learned in living for God. Recently, one of his songs “Cowboy for Christ” was adopted as the theme song for Cowboys for Christ International. This attention led to a music video and radio release as a single. In 1990 the song was nominated by the CCMA for video of the year and Song of the year, along side Lee Anne Rimes, T. Graham Brown, and Steve Warner.

Everyone wanted Omar to record more and release a CD, but he felt he should back off to see if this was what God wanted.  This would take finances and sacrifice, and he didn’t want to burden his wife and children, as he did in years past.  The Cowboys for Christ wanted Omar to release a CD with their theme song on it but Omar wanted to wait until a quality recording could be done.  Omar thought, if God wanted it to be done, then He would provide the resources to do it right.

In 2003 the door opened. Omar’s boss, who had faith in Omar’s walk with God and his talent, stepped forward with a gift toward Omar doing a quality recording.  In just a few days, another friend of Omar’s came forward with another gift to help fund the project. With that, Omar stepped out in Faith, with he and his wife funding the rest.

The Lord seemed to open a door so that Omar would be able to compile some of the best musicians in Texas that he had known from his former life, including members of his former band “Perfect Stranger”. Lee Anne Rimes Musicians also played on the project and it was an honor to have the country music legendary fiddle player “Johnny Gimble” come up from Austin to play on the project. He also contracted two of today’s best Recording Engineers and Producers, Greg Hunt and Gary Leach, who recorded Lee Anne Rimes Platinum Album “Blue”, and recording of other Christian Artist such as Dallas Holmes, Matthew Ward and Paul Balausch. Omar is now opening 2004 with his first complete Country Gospel CD. Put this CD in any comparable category or genre, and it stands with the Best.

What is Omar’s Ministry? If you ask Omar he will be quick to tell you that he is an encourager. Whether sharing his songs and testimony to business men, country folk, rough Cowboys, Church congregations or youth groups, his songs convey a message that families suffer, because of men not being the husbands and fathers that God created them to be and that it is possible for every individual to find a new life in Christ and be the husband and dad, that they dream of being.